With 3g service providers like Airtel, Tata Docomo, Idea, Aircel, BSNL , MTNL, RIL dropping 3g Internet data tariffs to almost 40 – 60 % the increasing demand for using Internet trough 3g SIM’s have increased. USB Datacard unlocked usage – How to Tip

If you are spectacle about buying datacard from service provider, we seriously recommend not to buy from service providers as the device provided by them i.e 3g USB data card (dongles) are locked and you cannot use the device to change to other service provider in future.

Basic pre requisites before buying unlocked datacard

1) Select service provided having good coverage in the area where you want to use datacard. Nearer to the cellular tower the high speed internet can be received.

2) Activate 3g service over the SIM.

3) Purchase dataplan 1gb or for trial <100 MB one

Solution – Buy Unlocked USB Datacard from Ebay.  Criteria to select the USB Datacard should be on the below basis –

  1. Search for the term “Unlocked datacard” at Ebay.in website.
  2. Select Latest Branded Unlocked models like HUAWEI etc.
  3. Should support HSDPA data transfer speed >= 7.2Mbps  , HSUPA date transfer speed up to >=  5.76Mbps.
  4. Network support should be GSM/GPRS/EDGE if you going to using SIM of GSM provider like Airtel, Tata Docomo, Idea, Aircel, BSNL , MTNL, RIL.
  5. Once you receive the device after your purchase just insert the SIM card into the datacard and insert the dongle to personal computer or laptop.
  6. The dongle has inbuilt installation software and driver which take 1 – 5 minutes and  auto completes the installation. If the software dosent get installed automatically look for the software driver cd or search for the driver online over internet.
  7. Once you are done through the software and driver installation you will be able to view the application window with Service Provider Signal Arial on left side bottom.
  8. Configure the service provider settings by selecting Tools – Options . In the new opened windows select Network. Select Network type as WCDMA preffered ( 3G Network ) if 3g is not available it automatically changes to 2g network and Brand as All Brand.
  9. In Profile Management tab- Edit -a)  Profile Name – Desired Name         b) Apn – Static ,  and enter name apn name. This name can be obtained from customer care if you don’t have know it. c) Authentication – Most service providers have *99#. If not working contact customer care for correct values.
  10. Once you are done with settings. Click on Connect and enjoy 3g Internet.