t24 mobile special recharge plan 151 99T24 Mobile the virtual network operated by Tata Tele Services limited has introduced two new special recharge plan STV 151 and STV 99. STV 151 offers free local minutes and STV 99 offers local mobile rate cutter plan at 1p/2 sec  with free 1GB data valid for 60 days.

T24 Mobile special recharge STV 151 – Recharge with Rs. 151 in SPECIAL MODE at Tata DOCOMO retail near to you and get 500 local mobile minutes equal to 30,000 seconds FREE. Validity 30 days. Make the best use of the offer starting today!

T24 Mobile special recharg  STV 99 –  Enjoy all Local to any network mobiles @ 1p/2 sec and 1GB data valid for 60 days.

** Please note that when recharging the above STV’s ask the DOCOMO retailers to select Special Mode before recharging STVs.


  1. The T24 introduces STV 99 is Day Light Cheating. I purchased on 12th October. The message received on my Mobile phone is as below.

    Message From : LM-TTFOUR

    For 60 days, local mobile calls @ 1p/2sec @ 1GB data with Combo Pack of STV Ts 99/- Ask retailer to select SPECIAL MODE before recharging. T24 Mobile

    With the above SMS I went to retailer to buy this STV . Dealers are refusing to charge . I understood that I will get Talk Time worth Rs 99 /- @ 1p/2s and an additional data of 1 GB with validity of 60 days.

    After visiting couple of retailers I recharged STV 99. I was surprised to see a credit of only 1 GB data and NO talktime was credited I called 52121 and asked they told it is only for the rate we charge Rs 99 for talk time you have to again buy . Then I tried using the 1 GB data which I could never do it . Again I called customer service and asked they said the plan is not working you check after 19th October. The 52121 answered roughly and disconnected the call. I wrote mails to customerservice@t24mobile.com for which I did not get any reply.

    I posted in t24 FACEBOOK page … They again said you wont get any talk time and 1 GB data is FREE.

    Normally I use a talk time of 100 minutes in 2 months which may cost around Rs 100. Buying this STV 99 pack getting the rate of 1p/2s with out any Talktime credited is no use for any customer.

    Their offers have ambiguity and and simple collect money without giving anything .

    I used only 10 sec of talktime and stopped using the T24 SIM with Mobile number 7207837252

    I never expected a TATA promoted company does this .

    I am only requesting T24 to Credit talk time with Normal rates for Rs 99. for which they are silent.

    I dont mind forgetting that Rs 99 and discard that number .

    I am writing this to warn all consumers to beware of T24 Mobile / DOCOMO service.

    All their Schemes are with Ambiguity with no benefit to customer.

    You must have seen the TV advertisements be DOCOMO where few friend go to a FOOD SHOP and order for UNLIMITED meals. When they see the BILL they find it is over charged . When they ask the OWNER he says ” MEAL is UNLIMITED” not “WATER”

    This advertisement is an ANTI on DOCOMO Competitors ..

    BUT T24 / DOCOMO does the cheating Customers promising ambiguous SMS and Giving NOTHING

    Dear Mobile users , BEWARE of T24

  2. Hello friend,

    I see you got a similar problem to the one that I once faced but somewhere the problem is in our understanding of the scheme. I have been using t24 for more than 1 year and have no problems of such kinds now.

    Yes, STV 99 gives you 1GB internet for 60days which is the best plan for those who use net sparingly.
    In order to have your internet working it is neccesary to get your mobile handset configured for T24 internet. I was given all the method n configuration settings by a T24 executive on phone and my net started. Before that I was also having no internet inspite of recharge which eventually expired.

    STV99 also reduces your local call rate, that means you should have a basic balance left in your phone and than the calls you make will be charged on lower tarrifs.

    Basically this is how I take care of my T24 recharge:
    all special recharges, I do it myself from http://www.rechargeitnow.com:-

    First of all always keep a basic balance in your phone, I always keep it high to be safe
    for 500 rupees you get around 560 Rupees worth talktime for unlimited validity, which is a must!

    Step 2)
    STV99: 1GB net and local call charges reduced 1p/2s (i.e. 100min for 30Rs)
    STV29: 2900 local n national sms for 1month (30 days)
    STV49: 100minutes STD… I keep doing this as per the needs. for 1month (30 days)

    its amazing to get all the STV special plans for less than 180 and basic balance apart as per the usage.

    The recharges are indeed cost effective.Try it out yourself..
    all the best.

  3. Hi, I had a reverse experience of Mr.Ramamoorthy. Recharged 99rs for datapack actually but it was done for talktime. I got 84rs talktime at that time and 180rs cumulative with the earlier balance in my mobile. Next day, I tried to download 4MB file (Andriod app update) for which my total balance was gone for just 1.8MB file download and update also failed. So friends, be careful (smart) while recharging and using now a days phone(s) and its operators.

    • That is TRUE.. ALL the STV s offered by T24 Mobile is really a Cheat .. I just forgot and did not use my number 7207837252 for 90 days (The Expiry of STV99) . The Customer service is really waste . They neither properly answer or reply our mails. I am SAD that a TATA company is doing such ….
      Can anybody suggest , that how to change the Provider for Pre Paid Sim without changing the Number?

      • type PORT {YOUR 10 DIGT MOBILE NUMBER} send it to 1900. you will get one UCP code. submit this code with required documents to the provider you want to shift.

  4. I am Using T24 from last 3 years, and I never found any cheating kind of things. Only the rates are very high compared to other providers.
    Rest things are good. I am not saying that it is great but good at all.