Earlier this month we have seen Galaxy Note getting  Android 4.0 upgrade over AT&T network and this time its Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket jumping in the line getting Android 4.0 upgrade. This upgrade sadly is not an OTA update ( users need to get into Kies client software on  PC to get your refresh on ). Know about Android 4.0 explained


What is expected after the upgrade ?

  1.  Home screens: Items that have been added to the home screen, such as home screens that have been added/removed, applications, widgets, and wallpaper (if the current wallpaper is not supported by ICS) are reset to default. Lock screen images will be preserved.
  2. Application Menu: The application menu sorting, folders and home keys will be reset. Downloaded applications will be preserved. Contact Groups: All Contacts and Contact groups will remain. However. contacts within the contact groups will be removed.
  3. Email: Email accounts that were added as a Social Hub or Samsung premium account will be removed.
  4. Music: Music playlists and settings (Equalizer, Sound effect, Music menu) will be reset during the update.
  5. Bluetooth: Paired bluetooth devices will be removed during the reset.

For our blog users we made this process simple for upgrading Samsung Galaxy S Skyrocket version to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Here you go –

1) Backup all the required contacts , data files  etc to PC / Laptop. Sufficient charged battery atleast 3 to 4 battery levels should be filledup.

2) Update is available through windows and mac using samsung kies software application. Download the latest here

3) Run the installed version of Samsung kies software and you will be seeing and popup prompt with the below image –

4) Click Update to allow Kies to update itself to the latest version available.

5) Read and accept the License Agreement by populating the I Agree check box and clicking Next.

6) Kies will begin downloading files. Once Kies has completed its update process, it will close and relaunch itself. You are now ready to update your device.

Once the restart is done you will be able to see the new version of Android and Using Kies restore the back up contacts , files etc done in the beginning of the upgrade process.