Free O2 WiFi services are now available in some of the busiest parts of London, iconic areas like Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus and Exhibition road.

O2 free wifi service can be used by any citizen living within the covered area, working professionals or even if you are a visiting for a while.

Connecting to O2 Wifi is quick, easy and completely free for anyone, regardless of their mobile or broadband supplier, making it quick and easy to check for travel updates, find your way around the city or simply to check into some of the world’s best tourist spots or upload your snaps to make your Facebook friends jealous.

Once registered, your wifi-enabled device will connect to O2 Wifi whenever a hotspot is in range – including those in our other partner venues, which include McDonalds, House of Fraser and Costa Coffee.

Presently service can be accessed at Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus and Exhibition road locations and by the end of July span to Trafalgar Square, Oxford Street/Regent Street, High Street Kensington and Piccadilly.

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