Nokia Music store India is the Indian branch of Nokia music store which sell music online with more than 4.5 million tracks which can be browsed, buy music to download on PC and compatible Nokia mobile device etc. Nokia Music Store also offers a monthly subscription service that allows compatible Nokia mobile phone devices to stream unlimited music from the Store catalogue direct to your internet-connected PC.

With over 45 lakh songs across 26 genres, you can listen to your favorite music all day long. And the best thing of all, every song is DRM free which means you can share, transfer or set any song as a ringtone – absolutely free. The Nokia Music Store is also available in United Kingdom, Germany, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Singapore, Australia, France, Sweden, Spain and Netherlands.

 Free 3 , 6 or 9 months  Nokia music store subscription for new Nokia mobile handset offer here


Nokia music store payment integrated for Vodafone Prepaid or Postpaid customers – Now Vodafone Prepaid or Postpaid customers utilizing Nokia music store service can recharge subscription with out any physical recharge voucher etc. The payment for the Nokia Music store service will be directly linked to Vodafone customers account balance or bill.

Charges for music store service from Nokia will be the same as earlier recharge denomination i.e for Rs.57 for 7 days  activation, Rs.113 for 30 days activation and Rs.281 for 90 days activation.  Please note that bandwidth (2g or 3g) charges for downloading  songs will be charged at extra cost.