MTNL express combo unlimited broadband plans revised. MumbaiMTNL express combo unlimited broadband plans revised. Mumbai- The state owned telecommunications service provider in the metro cities of Mumbai and New Delhi MTNL has revised Express combo unlimited broadband plans in Mumbai


Plan Name Monthly Charges Download Speed
Xpress Combo Unlimited 600 Rs 600 2 Mbps up to 8 GB 10 GB and 512 Kbps afterwards
Xpress Combo Unlimited 750 Rs 750 2 Mbps upto 15 GB and 512 kbps afterwards
Xpress Combo Unlimited 1000   Rs 1000 2 Mbps upto 22 GB and  512 Kbps 752Kbps afterwards
Xpress Combo Unlimited 1500   Rs 1500 2 Mbps upto 60GB and 1 Mbps afterwards
Xpress Combo Unlimited 2000    Rs 2000 2 Mbps upto 150GB and 1 Mbps afterwards



  • free Landline will be provided with no free calls
  • Landline outgoing call charges: Rs. 1/- per pulse (as per Landline 250 plan)
  • Customer may also use Landline Add-on Packs for making landline calls.
  • Customers who want Xpress plan alongwith their existing Landline plan may choose Xpress_Unlimited_NonCombo plan
  • Monthly CPE(Modem) Charges: Rs. 50/-
  • 2Mbps usage limit includes download and upload data usage.
  • Upload speed upto 512Kbps.
  • Service Tax 12.36% extra.