Have you faced situation to sign a contract and send it with out having a scanner machine nearby.

Easy solution when you have a smartphone with you. Follow the easy steps mentioned below and you can quickly scan document and send the file copy to receiptant within minutes –

Iphone ios & android apps to scan documents and email
Iphone ios apps to scan documents- The iTunes App Store has an app called TurboScan. It can snap pictures of your documents, convert them into monochrome images and then save them as a PDF, which can be emailed as an attachment. The cost? $1.99.

If TurboScan app for Iphone expensive for you, try FasterScan then. It’s free, unless you choose to get the Faster Scan+ upgrade ($2.99) for expanded features.

Android apps to scan documents- There are numerous free apps. Search Google Play for “scan to PDF.” etc

And for tablet users with built-in cameras, apps like CamScanner work nicely to accomplish the same goal.

If you find a better app to scan documents please post it in comments below.