apple mac mountain lion free download , upgrade , purchaseFree download the latest Apple’s MAC OS Mountain Lion at Apple’s online store and this offer is applicable for customers who purchased MAC on or after June 11 2012.

Customers who purchased earlier to the above date can download the Mountain Lion will cost $20 and is available only as a download. The computers running the two most recent version of Mac OS, Lion and Snow Leopard are eligible for paid upgrade.

Few Important features of Apple’s MAC OS Mountain Lion are –

  • The new software will have better integration with social networks such as Facebook Inc.’s. It will have built-in features to facilitate sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and other services. For instance, you’ll get notifications when you get a message or a mention in a Facebook or Twitter post. You need to sign in only once, and you can share directly from other apps you are using.
  • Power Nap keeps your Mac updated even while it’s in power-saving “sleep” mode. It will get your email messages, back up your files and download software updates automatically. It will work with recent Mac Book Air computers and the higher-end Mac Book Pro model, the one with the sharper, “Retina” display.
  • A new Messages app, copied from Apple’s mobile operating system, will replace iChat. It will allow you to send messages to other Apple users, whether that person is on a Mac or an Apple mobile device.
  • Mountain Lion will be integrated with iCloud, the new Internet storage service designed for the mobile devices.
  • The software will bring dictation to Macs, essentially allowing the computer to type as you talk.
  • Game Center will store high game scores and help users find opponents on both Macs and Apple mobile devices.

Apple’s Mac OS Mountain Lion free download / purchase can done here